Brilliant 'Start the Week' programme Monday 1 May

30 April 2017

On Radio 4's 'Start the Week' programme on Monday Andrew Marr discussed environmentalism and economics with three wonderfully interesting, intelligent and articulate people - writer and farmer Wendell Berry (from his farm in Kentucky), 'recovering environmentalist' Paul Kingsnorth and 'doughnut' economist Kate Raworth.

It was a coherent and fascinating discussion, and thoroughly worthwhile listening for anyone involved in any aspect of environmentalism or concerned at the mindless pressure towards economic growth.

You can hear a repeat of the programme on the BBC i-player at  Highly recommended.

Recent books by the three participants are

Wendell Berry           The World-Ending Fire  Allen Lane
Paul Kingsnorth        Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist   Faber and Faber
Kate Raworth           Doughnut Economics    Random House




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