Lift sharing - new structure for Highland Liftshare

08 November 2017

November 2017       New structure for Highland Liftshare

When Highland Liftshare was set up during the Million Miles project, using the national 'Liftshare' organisation,other local authorities in the Highlands and Islands promoted lift sharing through a different provider.  Now the five local authority menbers of HITRANS (Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership) have joined together to fund a new organisation and website under the  'Hitravel'  banner.

The good news is that the old organisation and website has been fully integrated with the new one, so that if you are registered with Highland Liftshare, existing links to  will work exactly as before.  If you go to the new site at  and sign in, you will be redirected to the familiar Highland Liftshare login page.

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