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Another gardens project

Avoch and Killen Community Council have completed an ambitious virtual 'Open Gardens' tour with images and video of a wide selection of street planting and gardens in their area.  They invite donations to be shared between community council maintenance funds and NHS Charities Together.  You can donate  here .

Peter and Marion Moffatt

Newton Kinkell


Lesley Robb

Autumn colours at Culbokie


Lesley Robb

Culbokie. Courtyard garden in full production


Wendy and Alan Price

A productive garden in Inverness  (more productive garden pictures welcome)


Clive Brandon and Julie Plumridge

The Warren, Kilcoy


Pam and Roger Piercy

Another selection from Findon Mills

Areas left for the bees to forage on the Clover
Moving with bees when this was taken
Unfortunately the orchids didn't show up
Vegetable garden before the weeds took over!
Yet another wild area


Julie Gibson



Sheila Currie


 Hoping for a lot of plums
Currants, rasps, marjoram, wild flowers...there's some potatoes behind there
 I may regret taking in an Angelica plant, but the seed heads are beautiful


Lesley Robb

Culbokie. Lesley's pond was made in August 2018 as one of the Grow North workshops and has changed somewhat over the last two years. The solar panels work a small waterfall for a couple of hours a day.

Then . . .
. . . and now


Culbokie Community Garden

Netherton, Culbokie


Marion and Peter Moffatt

Newton Kinkell


Pam and Roger Piercy

May at Findon Mills, Culbokie


Wendy and Alan Price

Inverness, formerly North Kessock


Julian and Mary Paren

Apple blossom and woodshed at Munlochy

Egremont Russet
Scottish Dumpling


Julie Gibson

Early in the season in a still developing vegetable garden, Munlochy


Sarah and Jim Grant



Martin Sherring

Stoneybank, Culbokie


Penny Hepburn

A wildlife garden at Teandalloch, Beauly

Spot the wildlife!
The radish that grew and grew!


Roger Piercy

A garden tour in April at Findon Mills, Culbokie


Lesley Robb

Spring flowers at Greenhill, Culbokie


Geoff and Fuggo King

Lower Arboll, near Portmahomack

We have lots of willow, important early food for bees
We planted a lot of trees, many fruit and nut.  A small plum in front of large gean (wild cherry)
Garlic, can’t have too much garlic
We do love flowers and mix native ones in where we can
The luxury of a polytunnel means overwintering salads and early seed propagation
Veg beds with some overwintered kales, new carrots with fleece


Diane and David Priday



Marion and Peter Moffatt

Newton Kinkell


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