Ecologist seminar with Satish Kumar - 'The Power of Economics'

13 July 2022, Starts: 19:00

Yasmin Dahnoun, assistant editor of The Ecologist, writes

Without a system that is in harmony with the natural world, which is a circular cycle – of taking and giving back – we ask how we can protect the planet through a sound economic system. 

Our current economic system (GDP) defines success as constant growth. Most modern economists forget that nature is not a finite resource. Yet a green, just and sustainable economic system is a powerful way to replenish the planet. But what would that look like?

I look forward to discussing this with Satish Kumar, a peace pilgrim, life-long activist, and former monk, in an online seminar on 13 July at 7pm, in conjunction with the Network of Wellbeing. We invite you to think about how the coevolution of human economies, social systems and natural ecosystems is entwined. 

All money raised from this event will go directly towards the Ecologist Writers’ Fund, which aims to support contributors to The Ecologist online who bring forward fresh and diverse voices.

Information and booking  (cost £6.50,  donations welcomed)


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