Double glazing in historic buildings
Posted 2011-03-10 09:21 (#594)
Subject: Double glazing in historic buildings


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For anyone who is tearing their hair out trying to put double glazing in a listed building, I came across some people called Histoglass who do really thin double glazed units, see . I've no idea how much it costs - and their promotional literature certainly looks very expensive - but it looks very elegant.
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John Wood
Posted 2011-04-07 13:54 (#646 - in reply to #594)
Subject: Re: Double glazing in historic buildings


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I made contact with these people. An elegant solution as Martin says but they don not retro-fit existing windows so it does mean replacing them completely. There are other people too who offer something similar - including a supplier here in Cromarty (of Canadian windows...) - you can see these installed at the Salmon Bothy on Cromarty Links by the car park and very good I think they look.

I don't know why the planners were so insistent on single glazed windows in my house - the ones I took out were 1970s ones and nothing like the originals. Still they did require them despite my objections, so I will be putting in secondary double glazing when I can afford it.

Historic Scotland don't like secondary glazing and recommend traditional wooden shutters, which have a very low u-value, but of course when they are closed they keep the light out as well as the heat in!

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