Wild cherry trees diseased?
Posted 26/6/2014 10:33 (#1467)
Subject: Wild cherry trees diseased?


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Not gardening exactly, but I have noticed recently that several of the wild cherry trees on our patch seem to be suffering from something. No fruit has set, and some of the leaves are turning brown and shrivelling.

Has anyone else noticed anything similar, and has anybody any suggestions as to a possible cause?
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Posted 30/9/2014 17:16 (#1473 - in reply to #1467)
Subject: Re: Wild cherry trees diseased?


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Coming to this a bit late, but I have noticed quite a lot of trees, not just gean, had leaves turning brown very early this year. I put it down to that storm we had during the summer, and salt from the firth being sprayed over the trees. I haven't particularly noticed fruit not setting though.
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