Practical food gardening sessions 2015
Posted 22/4/2015 21:26 (#1530)
Subject: Practical food gardening sessions 2015


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As the website survey showed that there was interest in practical gardening advice, Agric is willing to run a practical session in early May at the community garden at Netherton, Culbokie if sufficient people express a firm interest in attending.

He has prepared an outline of possible topics and a list of suggested dates which you can see in the attached document. (This originally had two incorrect dates which have now been corrected). If you would like to attend this session, and can commit fairly firmly to doing so, please email

and say which topics you would be interested in and which date you would prefer. It will obviously not be possible to satisfy everyone, but by asking you to express interest in advance we hope to be able to arrange topics and a date to suit as many as possible.

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