Sharing to reduce
Posted 30/3/2016 18:04 (#1562)
Subject: Sharing to reduce


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I've been wondering whether there should be more emphasis on reducing consumption, before we think about the other two parts of the mantra, re-use and re-cycle. TBI already does a bit in this area, with our apple press and two folding bikes available to borrow. There's also the website which links people with things to lend with their neighbours who want to borrow. Does anyone have any other ideas?
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maggie dove
Posted 11/4/2016 19:43 (#1563 - in reply to #1562)
Subject: Re: Sharing to reduce


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This sounds a great idea--has anyone got time to make a register of items borrowable?
I have a sewing machine, electric drill and the machine I feel most guilty using--my petrol lawn mower.
I`ve been on streetbank for a while but few members in this area, so far??
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Posted 5/12/2016 11:13 (#1588 - in reply to #1562)
Subject: RE: Sharing to reduce


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Consumer information is part of the Love your Clothes campaign which we intend on working with in the TBI area come 2017.
People can pledge to have no new clothes for a year! Preferably linking their pledge with our campaign starting in april 2017 to show impact. We would then increase skills in mending and get on to other reduction in comsumerism topics if we could find a way to communicate them that didnt wind people up!
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