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Perception of Reality: the stone
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Posted 31/3/2010 11:35 (#71)
Subject: Perception of Reality: the stone


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[Previously posted at the Google group. Note: read carefully, don't skim]

"You are dreaming.
You are with some beings, somewhere.

You are given a smooth stone slab, say, 10 by 12 inches, made of a
pearly, shimmering material in which an infinity of patterns

A piece of paper is folded and cut, then unfolded, and you have a
symetrical pattern of cut holes. Laying this paper over the stone
slab, you see visual events in the slab confirming the pattern cut in
the paper.

You cut a different pattern; the visuals in the slab seem to
corroborate the new pattern of the viewholes.

It occurs to you that the paper pattern acts as a screen, selecting
from the infinite field only patterns which correspond to the viewhole
arrangement, bits of other patterns which may exist in the stone are
seen, if at all, as noise, since their complete symmetricity is
screened out.

You understand: this is the Philosopher's Stone.

It occurs to you that all our philosophies are like the cutout
patterns you lay on the stone; That corroboration by symmetricity has
been sufficient to establish the particular cutout screen as
'truthful'. It is clear though that one 'truthful' symmetry excludes
others, by treating their components as noise.

You realize that this applies not only to philosophical systems, but
to your daily life- that we screen and select patterns which we live
in, and live by, and the rest is noise. This is fundamental to our
continuity of consciousness.

It occurs to you that the more cutouts there are in the screen pattern
(greater complexity), the more 'truthful' symmetries will be found.
The upper limit being the infinite field which we first started out
with, and to which we needed to apply patterns to perceive.

The most inclusive way of seeing the stone's infinite field is then
with no screen at all."


You may think "what the heck is Agric wittering about now" or it may
make perfect sense to you with no further explanation.

Perhaps that is your choice. Perhaps someones else made that choice
for you. What you perceive and how you perceive it is a function of
you and those that have influenced you. Truth may exist (logically it
should) but can you ever be sure you could know it?

I might contest that this is important to you and everyone now, but it
becomes much more important a couple of years hence. Meanwhile the
cacophony of distraction and un-news does its very successful best to
hide accurate and meaningful perception (insofar as that might exist)
from you, and you probably conspire to assist that.

Taking these blinkers off is a long and not easy process. That is why
I begin now to have a sporting chance. I don't ask you to believe or
trust me; I ask the opposite: trust no one, nothing, including me and
yourself, on what is reality and 'truth'. Be skeptic.

That is not easy, I know. It means you have to think and question
everything, often incurring much greater mental processing cost. That
will hurt if you are used to a simplified, routine, reality.

Why bother? Routine simplification works while things continue much as
before, that is why we have evolved to think and behave this way - it
is efficient, tomorrow is usually much like today. It fails when
things undergo significant / rapid / chaotic change. That is where we
go in a soon tomorrow, then you must be able to see, perceive and
think for real.
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John Wood
Posted 22/4/2010 18:19 (#94 - in reply to #71)
Subject: RE: Perception of Reality: the stone


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Location: Cromarty
It makes sense to me Agric. I like the image of the paper and the stone.

Of course the problem is that the universe, reality, whatever you like to call it, can only be understood by us within the limited means of our human minds. We seem to have a need to understand things, but our way of doing that, by dividing the world into words, concepts, and so on, obscures the fact that all our understanding is conditioned by the very words and concepts we have ourselves constructed. It is very hard for us to escape this way of thinking, as we build up great structures of conception by chopping up reality.

In the end we have to accept that we don't understand the universe and never really can. All we do is to hold a mirror to our own mental processes.

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Posted 18/8/2010 21:27 (#309 - in reply to #71)
Subject: RE: Perception of Reality: the stone

You may find this podcast quite stimulating?
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