Inner Transition


What is Transition all about?   'Inner' Transition recognises that we all have to cope with the changes being brought about by Climate Change and Peak Oil as individuals as well as together - but how? 

The way we see and react to these challenges ourselves has to be a key part of the answer.   It is relatively easy to feel anger or despair at the world's situation, but we also need to think positively about the future.   If we don't look more deeply at the reasons why changes are happening, and why people react as they do to them, we risk wearing ourselves out while running round in circles to little real effect. What positive changes do we actually want to see?

Inner Transition aims to take a step back from Transition Black Isle's busy programme to look at and reflect on the wider context, and seek a perspective and an understanding that will help us be more effective. This includes a realisation that we can't simply expect others to make all the changes needed - we actually have to be the change we want to see.

This may also be the most effective way to encourage others to wake up to the fact that everyone, in however small a way, really can make a huge difference to everyone's future.

For further details of TBI's Inner Transition activities please contact John Wood via this website


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