Lost books

Formerly with Julian

Westcott, David, Ed.  Primitive technology: a book of earth skills


The following books were available from Maggie Dove and usually Cromarty market, but are now lost or disposed of

Heating water by the sun : a layman's guide to the use of flat plate solar 38011050783755
Strong, Steven J. The Solar electric house : energy for the environmentally-responsive energy- 38011050783904
Dan Carter ... et al How to make biodiesel 38011050783813
Starbuck, Jon Run your diesel vehicle on biofuels : a do-it-yourself guide 38011050783714
Reader's Digest Energy-Efficient Home Manual : Expert Guidance on Saving Energy 38011050783888
Tickell, Joshua From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank : The Complete Guide to Using Vegetable Oil 38011050783821
Kelley, D. W. Charcoal and charcoal burning. 38011050860256
Bushway, Stephen The New woodburner's handbook : a guide to safe, healthy &efficient woodburn 38011050783508

Bubel, Mike Root Cellaring : Natural Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables 38011050860272
Fern, Ken Plants for a future : edible & useful plants for a healthier world 38011050860314
Harrison, John Vegetable growing month-by-month : The down-to-earth guide that takes you 38011050860249
Dowding, Charles Organic gardening : the natural no-dig way; with drawings 38011050860330
Stamets, Paul Mycelium running : how mushrooms can help save the world 38011050860058
Little, Brenda Companion planting 38011050860157
Warren, Piers British native trees : their past and present uses : including a guide to bu 38011050860124
Whitefield, Patrick. Permaculture in a nutshell 38011050860181


The following are the remaining books (previously?) held by the libraries

Strahan, David The last oil shock : a survival guide to the imminent extinction of petroleum 38011050782856
Grow it, eat it 38011050859993
Ready, steady, grow! 38011050860033
Borish, Elaine What will I do with all those courgettes? 38011050860108
Chiras, Daniel D. Homeowners' Guide to Renewable Energy : Achieving Energy Independence 38011050783862
Chiras, Daniel D. The solar house : passive heating and cooling 38011050783771
Cox, Martyn Wildlife garden 38011050860074
Craddock, David, 1982- Renewable energy made easy : free energy from solar, wind, hydropower, and o 38011050783722
Fodor, Eben, 1956- The solar food dryer : how to make and use your own high-performance, sun-powered 38011050860348
Jacke, Dave Edible forest gardens : ecological vision and theory for temperate-climate 38011050860405
Jenkins, Joseph C. The humanure handbook : : a guide to composting human manure 38011050860298
Kachadorian, James The passive solar house 38011050783557
Katz, Sandor E. Wild fermentation : the flavour, nutrition, and craft of live-culture foods 38011050860322
Komp, Richard J. Practical photovoltaics : electricity from solar cells 38011050783854
Madison, Deborah Preserving food without freezing or canning : traditional techniques 38011050860306
McKee, Andy & Gatter, Mark The polytunnel handbook 38011050860173
Piggott, Hugh Choosing windpower 38011050783805
Pitzer, Sara Homegrown whole grains : grow, harvest and cook your own wheat, barley, oats 38011050860355
Sykes, Rachel Edible gardens in schools : a growing guide for teachers 38011050860025
Toensmeier, Eric. Perennial vegetables : : from artichoke to zuiki taro, a gardener's guide 38011050860009
Toensmeier, Eric. Perennial vegetables : : from artichoke to zuiki taro, a gardener's guide 38011050860223
Warren, Piers 101 uses for stinging nettles 38011050860280
Whitefield, Patrick How to make a forest garden 38011050859985
Whitefield, Patrick. Earth Care Manual : a permaculture handbook for Britain & other temperate 38011050860041
Dingwall CL
DeGunther, Rik, 1956- Solar power your home for dummies 38011050783466
Mustoe, John Penny Pincher's Book Revisited : Living Better for Less      (Status Withdrawn) 38011070818128


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