Climate Change links and resources

04 October 2019

In follow-up discussion on Julian Paren's Climate Change talk at BIG 2019  on 5 October, Martin Sherring has drawn attention to a Keep Scotland Beautiful / Climate Challenge Fund website page primarily promoting 'Carbon Literacy' training but also including a large number of links to other sites or pages containing a range of information sources and suggestions for community activities of which the following are just a few examples:

Responses to Climate Myths and Denial is an information sheet with information you can use to counter common climate myths and arguments used to deny climate change is a problem.

Scotland 2030 a view of Scotland in 2030 that shows how the changes we’re making together can help create a cleaner, greener, healthier and fairer country for all.

Greener Scotland website is the Scottish Government’s one-stop website for Scottish households on greener living.

Climate Conversations - a guide to running a 70-minute conversation in your community around climate change.

Well worth a look.  Check it out here .


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