Bus timetable consultation - DETAILS of recent new changes

12 January 2020

Bus Timetable proposed changes for 10 February

Stagecoach North Scotland held a consultation in December at the same time as it published an online PDF with the original proposals.   Following a submission from Fortrose and Rosemarkie Community Council regarding the Inverness-Cromarty service 26, further changes have been made so that the previously published PDF  file of the proposed timetable is partly out of date.  We have now obtained from Stagecoach a spreadsheet file (.xls) with details of these later changes (to services 23 and 26).  For a full view of the proposed changes it is necessary to refer both to the original PDF file and the later XLS file.  Details and links below.

Summary of local changes

Original PDF file  (valid for services except 23 and 26/26A)

New XLS file (with later changes at 30 Dec for services 23 and 26/26A)

Plea for better train-bus connection

TBI director Julian Paren has made a personal submission requesting that the departure time from Inverness of the 20.52  26A service to Fortrose and Cromarty be brought back closer to the arrival time of the daytime train from Kings Cross (20.06), which he argues would encourage more people to use it instead of taking their cars. At the time of writing (11 January) he had had no response from Stagecoach, and their latest proposals re-time the departure even later to 21.05.









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