'The Retreat from Truth' - a pessimist's manifesto

22 August 2019

Wendy Price has drawn our attention to this manifesto on Climate Change and the current political and economic situation by Ray Hume, of Cleethorpes, who describes himself as a 'musician and pessimist', and accuses us all of denying the much more than inconvenient truth that is staring us in the face.

"Philosophers and other clever people cannot agree about what is meant by the word
'truth'. This shouldn't bother us too much though, because we all know perfectly
well that it means not telling lies. We've known this since we were five years old, if
not younger.
So why do we keep lying to ourselves? 
The answer is simple. 
We cannot allow ourselves to believe what we can't bear to believe. 
.   .   .   .    
"Here's the truth: the world is on the brink of the biggest cataclysm since an
asteroid crashed into Mexico, long before the idea of naming anything had been
invented, wiping out all the dinosaurs." 

Read the full Manifesto

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