Sustainable travel on Arran - an invitation

12 September 2019

WE have been contacted by Arran Eco Savvy about an Active and Sustainable Travel project they are running on the island, which has similarities to the Million Miles project run by TBI a few years ago, and in particular about an event they are hosting in Brodick on Tuesday 1 October.

Emma Tracey, of the Savvy Traveller Team, writes

"We are really excited about our upcoming event Arran in 10 Years - Travel + Transport, which will take place on Tuesday the 1st of October at Brodick Town Hall.  Eco Savvy will be hosting the public consultation designed to challenge the public and our contributing partners to think about what Arran's travel + transport will be like in 10 years.  This will give people the chance to think creatively, positively and aspirationally about the future of sustainable travel on the island, and ultimately cultivate a community where active travel is the norm.
.   .   .   .   .
"We would be delighted if you or anyone involved with the project would like to come to Arran and share your experiences of the Million Miles project."

Arran Eco Savvy are offering to contribute to the expenses of someone from TBI woth knowledge of the Million Miles project who would be willing to talk about it at the Arran event.

Read full details about the event


There's lots of interesting stuff on the Arran Eco Savvy  website, though it's not quite up to date.



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