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April 2019

Another guide to Electric Cars

Car dealers Hendy Group have produced a guide called “A Complete Guide To Driving Electric & Hybrid Cars in the 21st century”, which offers the following information:

  • A well-rounded introduction to electric and hybrid cars - how the technology works, commonly-used terminologies, as well as important facts and figures on CO2 emissions and the lifetime impact of traditional cars on the environment. 
  • Important milestones and key developments in electric and hybrid vehicle technology, such as how batteries for electric cars are getting cheaper and increasingly more efficient, and how car manufacturers are coming out with more electric and hybrid models each year. 
  • What's it like to own an electric or hybrid vehicle, how the government is helping make ownership of electrics and hybrids more affordable through grants, incentive schemes, and by investing in modern infrastructure such as public charging points to keep up with the demand. 
  • Other useful tips, resources, and information that can help you decide if an electric or hybrid vehicle is the right choice for you. 

Read the guide


October 2018
'Exchange and Mart' have produced

A guide to Electric Cars

"Electric cars are growing increasingly popular as the 21st century progresses. With these more environmentally friendly options providing drivers with the chance to fight the potential threat of climate change, it’s little wonder Bloomberg predict one in six cars sold by 2025 will be an EV (electric vehicle).

"If you’re thinking about taking to the road in one before that time, this is the perfect guide for you.

"Whether you’re thinking of purchasing an electric car or already have one, this guide will give you a better understanding of how they work and what benefits you might experience behind the wheel."

Read the guide


September 2017

Energy Saving Trust September newsletter - Phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles

Scotland to phase out new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2032

The Scottish Government has announced a target to phase out the use of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2032, alongside proposals to establish four low emission zones by 2020. The ambition to 'end the need' for new petrol and diesel vehicles will be encouraged through investment in infrastructure for electric vehicles and other low emission vehicles, the Scottish Government has suggested.

Also in the newsletter

  • UK charging stations will outnumber petrol stations by 2020, says Nissan
  • Tougher UK emissions tests come into force
  • Energy Saving Trust funds charge points at University of Edinburgh and University of Aberdeen
  • HMRC announces September changes to advisory fuel rates
  • Proposed changes to support the take-up of alternatively fuelled light commercial vehicles
  • Study says fossil fuelled cars could vanish in eight years
  • Invitation: SHFCA Annual Conference, 11 and 12 October

Read the full newsletter ,  which has lots of interesting links to other sources of information.   

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