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Welcome and overview  -  September 2018

Welcome to the Drastic Plastic Webpage and to the newly formed TBI Plastic Waste Group. We consist of members who have got together and agreed that in the wake of the current horrors associated with Plastic Waste, we need to raise awareness of the issues and take action here on the Black Isle. 

A successful inaugural ‘Open’ Meeting was held in June and those who attended had the opportunity to discuss some of the issues, voice their concerns and suggest how they thought we could tackle the subject. Issues discussed were:

  • What’s Drastic About Plastic
  • How is it affecting the environment and all of us
  • Ways we can make a difference on a personal level and collectively as TBI

From those discussions, four main strands for action emerged:

  • Publicity: to raise awareness
  • Education: so that people can make informed choices
  • Campaigning 
  • Website Information

These will be developed in future meetings and activities.

Penny Hepburn        info@aquavisiononline.com



TBI Drastic Plastic Group meeting

Report from the Drastic Plastic Group Meeting held on 19th September, 2018

8 folk braved the high winds of Storm Ali to attend the meeting

Ideas put forward by the group included:

  • Having a stand at one of the Inverness environmental events or TBI Markets to provide information on plastics, recycling and alternatives, together with running related children’s activities.
  • Producing and selling our own TBI bamboo, reusable coffee ‘on the go’ mugs and bio degradable ‘dog pooh’ bags.
  • Holding a ‘Plastics Awareness’ film night.
  • Running  a TBI workshop on ‘How to make reusable waxed food storage bags’.
  • Taking part in national ‘online’ plastic protest petitions and joining in with national ‘Plastic Awareness’ events.
  • Group letter writing to local businesses to provide positive suggestions and information of alternatives to ‘single use’ plastics, particularly regarding food packaging.
  • Setting up a Drop Box for group members to collect and share information.
  • Using the newly created Drastic Plastic webpage to provide articles of interest, information and appropriate ‘links’.

Minutes of the meeting on 19 September 2018.

Enquiries to Penny Hepburn at  info@aquavisiononline.com


Campaigning links

Beat plastic pollution

From Changeworks Summer 2018 Too Good To Waste e-bulletin

World Environment Day 2018 saw the launch of the #BeatPlasticPollution campaign which encouraged people across the globe to ditch single use plastics in favour of reusable alternatives. Check out these simple alternatives you can use to make a huge difference and join the reuse revolution!Nae straw at aw

  • A refillable bottle
  • A reusable coffee cup
  • Reusable cutlery (or a spork)
  • A reusable straw (or just say no straw at all!)

Be sure to carry your reusables with you when you are out and about and pack a spare cloth bag too! For more ideas on how to reduce plastic use read this handy cheat sheet.

Bristol Greenpeace Shoppers' Revolt - 17 September 2018

Bristol Greenpeace volunteers and supporters were offering shoppers the chance to show their opposition to the excess plastic packaging that comes with the weekly shop, especially when buying fruit and vegetables.  Our campaigning outside two major supermarkets on Saturday 15th September was part of a national Greenpeace campaign called #ShoppersRevolt and it also coincided with an international day of action called #Plastic Attack which was coordinated in Bristol by One By One Conservation.  Greenpeace groups targeted some 64 shops up and down the country, but many more were visited by Plastic Attack teams.

15 September - Greenpeace 'Shoppers' Revolt' day of action against plastic packaging.  Your chance to take action

Greenpeace emailed . .

"Loads of people like you have shared your photos of excessive plastic packaging and said that you’re fed up with the pointless plastic that comes with your weekly shop. Sometimes it’s possible to avoid plastic packaging, but a lot of the time supermarkets don’t give us a choice.

"It’s time supermarkets were faced with the responsibility of dealing with the pointless plastic they’re producing - instead of leaving customers frustrated with packaging they don’t want or need.

"Lots of people who work in supermarkets have been in touch to tell us that they’re frustrated by the amount of packaging their employers produce. The people who are making the decisions about packaging aren’t the people working in our local supermarkets - it’s the big bosses who have the power to make change happen.

"So we need to get the message through to them. That’s why we’re calling on shoppers around the country to take peaceful action in local stores and online. Click the link below for more info on how you can take part."

Shoppers' Revolt

The nearest local action to the Black Isle is planned for the Co-op store in Telford Street, Inverness, from 2.00 - 4.00

Inverness link


July 2018 - One person's plastic-free challenge

In their August Newsletter, Changeworks / Home Energy Scotland reported on the challenge undertaken by Mhairi Scott, one of their Waste Wise Volunteers - to go plastic free for the whole of July. 

Read Mhairi's blog



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