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Transition Black Isle is about helping Black Isle communities thrive in the face of Climate Change.  We run community markets, we support local food and drink producers, we help people grow more food, we encourage non-car travel, support energy saving and promote reduction of single use plastics  - and much more.  If we in the Black Isle work together to manage more of our own resources, we can thrive despite whatever climate change and the end of fossil fuels throws our way.

All of us will be affected, all of us can do something for our lives and our children's lives.  How can we help each other?

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Highland Good Food Conversation


The online Highland Good Food Conference, the second phase of the Conversation, has now ended, and the Conversation now moves to phase three, where discussion develops into action.

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(not) Potato Day 2021 - BUT

Seed Potatoes are now available

We had to make the hard decision not to run Potato Day in its usual form this year, but we ordered a (smaller) supply of seed tatties and these are now available through a network of ‘Tattie Hosts’ across the Black Isle. 

Host locations, contact and updated availability information

including supplies at Culbokie and Kessock markets 6 March.



Food and Growing

TBI has produced a comprehensive Growing Guide (still available) for the north of Scotland, run several series of 'Grow North' workshops on a range of growing topics, and bought an apple press, which is very popular for juice making in the autumn.  

Climate change

We provide  information about the serious threat posed by climate change and the need to drastically reduce carbon emissions caused by our burning of fossil fuels.  We report on governments' climate change plans, on activists' climate protests and on 'Green New Deal' proposals for a more sustainable world.

Black Isle Larder

The Black Isle Larder website replaces an earlier 'Your Local Larder' booklet which had become out of date.  It provides up to date information both to local people and visitors about Black Isle producers and suppliers offering food and drink largely sourced here.  

Travel and Tourism

TBI's Million Miles project reduced car use significantly, and we continue to encourage public transport and cycling, with an associated bike hire business and publication of an Active Travel map and guides to Black Isle cycle routes.

Plastics and waste

With pollution from single-use plastics a top cause of environmental concern, a group has been set up within TBI to exchange ideas and information on the issue and ultimately to change the attitudes and actions of people and businesses on the Black Isle.

Scottish author's new book on climate change

Scottish geographer and energy specialist Neil Kitching has sent us a summary of his new book 'Carbon Choices' on the common-sense solutions to our climate and nature crises.

"Carbon Choices tells the greatest story on planet Earth.  How one group of sociable animals came to emit 40 billion tonnes (40,000,000,000) of an invisible gas each year, unwittingly changing the chemistry of the atmosphere and the oceans, and steadily destroying the life support systems that humans and wildlife depend on.  It takes a fresh perspective on how the excessive consumption by wealthier people has unwittingly driven us into climate and wildlife crises, and considers the psychology that drives us to buy more ‘stuff’ and whether this makes us happier."

Neil's summary in full      

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We are part of the rapidly expanding worldwide Transition Towns movement. The Black Isle is a peninsula of about 100 sq miles ENE of Inverness in Scotland, UK.