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Transition Black Isle is part of the worldwide Transition movement, and we see our role as helping Black Isle communities thrive in the face of climate change and disruption to global resources.  Our activities include encouraging non-car travel, promoting energy saving measures, running community markets, supporting local food producers as well as helping people to grow more of their own food and to make their own compost.

As a partner in the Highland Community Waste Partnership, TBI is actively working with the community to reduce waste and consumption and increase reuse, repair and recycling.

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UN Summit of the Future 2024


Black Isle Repair Cafe 

The monthly Black Isle Repair Café roams the community spaces of the Black Isle with the aim of making repair and reuse more accessible to residents.

Food and Growing

TBI has produced a comprehensive Growing Guide (still available) for the north of Scotland, run several series of 'Grow North' workshops on a range of growing topics, and a very popular seed potato sale in early March.

Climate change

We provide  information about the serious threat posed by climate change and the need to drastically reduce carbon emissions caused by our burning of fossil fuels.  We report on governments' climate change plans, on activists' climate protests and on 'Green New Deal' proposals for a more sustainable world.

Black Isle Larder

The Black Isle Larder website replaces an earlier 'Your Local Larder' booklet which had become out of date.  It provides up to date information both to local people and visitors about Black Isle producers and suppliers offering food and drink largely sourced here.  

Travel and Tourism

TBI's Million Miles project reduced car use significantly, and we continue to encourage public transport and cycling, with an associated bike hire business and publication of an Active Travel map and guides to Black Isle cycle routes.

Plastics and waste

With pollution from single-use plastics a top cause of environmental concern, a group has been set up within TBI to exchange ideas and information on the issue and ultimately to change the attitudes and actions of people and businesses on the Black Isle.

UN Summit of the Future 2024

The Ecologist has published a long essay by Professor Herbert Girardet, a co-founder of the World Future Council, member of The Club of Rome, and a trustee at the Resurgence Trust, which owns and publishes The Ecologist

Introducing the essay, Ecologist editor Brendan Montague writes

At last: a UN Summit of the Future, to be held in September 2024. The summit promises a ‘global pact for the future’, but will it match the historic challenges that humanity is facing?
. .   .   .   .
Science tells us that we cannot continue on the current, suicidal path.  We cannot allow decision makers to inflict the impacts of unrelenting economic growth on a finite planet, putting economic freedoms first, with ethical perspectives as an afterthought.  The 2024 UN Summit is putting the need to safeguard the future of people and planet on the global agenda as never before.
.   .   .   .
But is this agenda ambitious enough?  It seems to me that the UN is seeking to mould the conference to fit its existing procedures and agreements rather than trying to answer the fundamental question: will governments and companies be prepared to limit their ambitions for unending economic growth and territorial expansion on a finite planet?

A key factor is that decision making is mostly focused on immediate concerns: politicians have their eyes on the next election, and business leaders are fixated by quarterly balance sheets.  This kind of short-termism invariably leads to compromised values and ethics.

“We have not inherited the Earth from our parents. We have borrowed it from our children.”

This saying, attributed to Indigenous Americans, could be a useful motto for the summit of the future.  It is often quoted by politicians who want to establish their green credentials.  But paying lip service to posterity is one thing: actually organising society with the needs of future generations firmly in mind is quite another.

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