Transition summit - What is breaking through as the food system breaks down?

05 March 2021, Starts: 09:30, Ends: 21:00

Friday 5 March    10.00 am - 9.00 pm

There is an almost continuous series of events today, from a virtual coffee meeting at 9.30am to the main evening event described below.  See the full programme for details.

What is breaking through as the current food system is breaking down?

Friday 5 March    7.00 - 9.00

The COVID pandemic has shown us the fragility of our food systems, and has also revealed the scale of food inequality in the UK.  The many movements represented at the What Next Summit work towards a new model for how the UK feeds itself, in a way that is more sustainable, just, fair and equal.  But how far are we along that path? Where can we see the shoots of a new food system and what needs to happen to hugely scale it up?

We will be joined by Prof Tim Lang, one of the UK’s foremost writers and researchers on the UK’s food system, Julie Brown of the pioneering Growing Communities, working to build a new food system in Hackney, London, Dierdre ‘Dee’ Woods, award-winning cook, community food educator, urban agriculturalist, broadcaster and researcher, and Pam Warhurst, founder of Incredible Edible and plotter of large scale food revolutions.  Our aim is to celebrate a new food culture that is emerging, and to inspire you with what it tells us about what will follow the industrial food system.

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