Transition Summit - Rob Hopkins - Cultivating everyday imagination

10 March 2021, Starts: 19:00, Ends: 21:00

In this first session, host Rob Hopkins will be joined by three outstanding guests to explore how, as individuals, we might boost our capacity to think outside the box, to question what's in front of us, and to harness the power of What If to rethink and reimagine our lives. What are the skills, the tools, the resources that can help? What if we resolved to become the people in our families, our friendship groups, our communities, our organisations, who are confident and skilled in proudly speaking up for a different vision of how the future could be?

Our guests will be renegade scientist, systems designer and social entrepreneur Phoebe Tickell, educator, poet and author Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan and Tom Doust of the Institute of Imagination. Are we just selfish individuals in an uncaring society, or connected beings capable of living lives rich in imagination, playfulness and a well-nourished creativity? Our three speakers will leave you feeling alive with possibility.

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