Skye Climate Action review

20 September 2023

Wednesday 20 September 2023  7.30 - 9.00   online

From Skye Climate Action September newsletter

It’s time to review the role and function of SCA. Please have your say.
This year has seen heatwaves, droughts, destructive floods, and terrifying wildfires. July was the hottest month ever experienced by humans. Many people have lost homes and livelihoods, thousands have died in Europe and beyond. And yet, the UK Government is keen to open up new oil and gas exploration, and the Prime Minister doesn’t want to upset fossil-fuelled motorists.
Closer to home, our own weather is erratic, but so far, it is mainly indirect impacts that we experience, such as (climate-related) food shortages and price increases, damp and mould in cold and poorly ventilated homes, and controversial issues like the proposed multiple windfarms.
We need new energy and ideas to stimulate and coordinate climate action in Skye. That’s mitigation, adaptation, building resilience, and improving quality of life in the process.  Many great climate-friendly activities are already happening, and it would be good to have a better picture of what’s going on, for inspiration, encouragement and sharing ideas. Action includes supporting those who feel unsure or overwhelmed to understand what they can do, how to get help and feel more positive.
The current coordinator wishes to step down. Ideally a replacement or a small group of keen people would take things forward. If you are interested in talking about what you think the group should be doing and/or if you would like to be more involved, please consider joining in a discussion on the future direction of Skye Climate Action on
Wednesday 20th September, 7.30-9 pm by Zoom.

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