Library Books

Transition Black Isle has a small number of books which are available to borrow  (list updated January 2021).

The following books are with Julian Paren.  If you wish to borrow any of them e-mail

Boyle, Geoffrey (ed). Renewable energy: power for a sustainable future

Catton, William R, Jnr.  Bottleneck:  Humanity’s impending impasse

Darley, Julian.  High noon for natural gas

Dean, Jenny. Wild Colour: how to grow, prepare and use natural plant dyes

Holmgren, David, Future scenarios : how communities can adapt to peak oil and climate change

Orlov, Dmitry.  Reinventing collapse : the Soviet example and American prospects

Rowell, Alexis.  Communities, councils & a low-carbon future: what we can do if governments won’t

Scheer, Hermann.  A solar manifesto

Scheer, Hermann.  Energy autonomy : the economic, social and technological case for renewable energy 

Steinfeld, Carol. Liquid gold: the lore and logic of using urine to grow plants




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