Munlochy Junction report published - but don't hold your breath

24 March 2021

Following expression of concern over road safety at the Munlochy junction on the A9, consultations were held with local 'stakeholder' bodies last year, and a consultant's study report commissioned by Transport Scotland has now been published.

This is known as a 'Case for Change' study, and in its 284 pages concludes nothing except that there is a case for doing something.  It will be followed by a 'preliminary appraisal', and then, 'if funding is available, a more detailed appraisal' before there is any chance of anything actually being done.  This drawn-out procedure seems to represent an enormous excess of bureaucracy and a huge waste of taxpayers' money​​​​​.

Find more information and a link to the report on our Travel & Tourism / Munlochy junction  page. 


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