Recent newsletters - October

01 October 2022

We've received several interesting October newsletters - mostly from organisations which maintain a consistently high standard

Scottish Community Alliance highlights how the Welsh government is doing far more than our Scottish government to tackle the problem of second homes and holiday lets making housing unavailable for young people  in many of our communities;  and also links to an impassioned piece by an author who finds an unhappy state of affairs in the charities sector and believes that 'If goodness equates to being toothless, it’s time charities stopped ‘doing good’ and started doing what’s right. The stakes are now too high not to.'

The other SCA - Skye Climate Action - as usual has too many good things to list, with items on food, housing, regeneration, reuse and recycling, and holding Highland Council to account on its climate change commitments.  SCAAN has several items on maintaining balance, mental wellbeing and 'Active Hope' in our attitudes and reactions to climate change, and the importance of talking about it, and numerous items about telling stories.

Just received - Highland Good Food Partnership's October newsletter.

Links to all these newsletters and many others are regularly updated on the News menu tab.

Finally, another approach to mental and social welbeing is offered in an email we received from 'The Roots Programme'.  They say

'Roots arrange 6-week exchanges of life experience between pairs of adults that lead very different lives in the UK today. It’s a commitment of up to one hour a week, in your own time. Our programme is small in scale but big in individual impact, designed to smash assumptions, ease fears around 'other' and help us overcome our British awkwardness when it comes to being curious about our differences and seeing how the ‘other half’ live.'

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