Woodland Crofts for the Black Isle?

26 January 2023

An article referred to in the latest newsletter from the Scottish Community Alliance puts forward the idea of Woodland crofts, with examples from Glengarry near Fort William

Local people in Glengarry are creating woodland crofts in nearby forests – affordable family homes designed for craftspeople, carpenters and small-scale farmers, using a shared ownership model designed to combat the soaring costs of scarce rural homes.
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There has been a recent surge of interest in woodland crofts, caused by the Covid crisis, Brexit, and a growing desire for low-carbon living, said Jamie McIntyre, who co-founded the Woodland Crofts Partnership, an advocacy and advice campaign.

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Perhaps this is an idea which could be fed into Forestry and Land Scotland's updating of its Black Isle management plan?

We are part of the rapidly expanding worldwide Transition Towns movement. The Black Isle is a peninsula of about 100 sq miles ENE of Inverness in Scotland, UK.