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June 2020

More information and resources

Mike Thomas of Transition Network has emailed with various information and links

Rob Hopkins' blog  'How to Bounce Forward' out of the Covid-19 crisis (recently featured on our Home page).

Reflections on Covid-19 and the Transition movement by members of the Transition Network team
"We’re not all in the same boat, but we are experiencing the same storm."

Links to the Build Back Better campaign hosted by Green New Deal UK  " .  .  The campaign for a post coronavirus future where we put people and planet first. This means valuing people’s work, prioritising communities over big business interests and rapidly decarbonising in a way that improves lives and fights inequality everywhere."

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Resources for these coronavirus times

Centre for alternative technology

Explore sustainable solutions from your home or garden with online resources from CAT.

Whether you’re keen to use your time at home to learn more about solutions to the climate and biodiversity emergency or are looking for fun wildlife activities to keep the kids connected to nature, we’ve got lots of online resources to help.


Coronavirus tech handbook, loads of information in there on a wide range of topics. 


Corona Virus useful Resources list collated by Inner Resilience Network

We offer this list of freely available online resources which may be useful in the current pandemic. This list has been compiled by harvesting resources and links from many different networks. It is constantly evolving, so if there is a resource / network you know of that would be useful to add to this list, please send a link to a website, plus a sentence of info to: [ ]. 

The Essential Guide to Doing Transition

Getting Transition started in your street, community, town or organisation.

By the Transition Network team    2016.

What you need to know about Transition.  Unlike its predecessor 'The Transition Handbook' Originally published in 2008, this new guide is not published in book form,  but only as a 64 page downloadable PDF document.


January 2020

From Transition Network - UK Opportunities

Courses, campaigns, case studies.   Mike of Transition Network emails

Here are some opportunities that have been sent our way recently that might interest, we don't necessarily endorse these as we feel that it is up to groups to decide for themselves what they wish to engage in. We hope they maybe useful.


August 2018

Transition Network's Organisational Purpose agreed

Nicola Hillary, of the transition Network, emailed in August

"We're pleased to report that the Transition Network team has agreed a new organisational purpose as part of our recent strategic review.  The review process began in autumn 2017 with a survey of Transitioners around the world, asking you about your experiences and learning, where you see potential and what is challenging for your group or Hub.  We summarised the survey findings here and also provided more information about our team discussions.

"We then had conversations with representatives from Transition Hubs and listened to more feedback from Transitioners, before Transition Network trustees and staff did their best to capture the essence of what our organisation is aiming to do.

"We will use our new organisational purpose to guide our choices as an organisation; it will help us focus our attention and resources wisely, decide what projects to develop and when and how to act.  The Transition Network team will meet each year to review how we're doing in delivering on our purposeand to reflect whether and how it needs to evolve.  We will continue to seek feedback from the wider Transition movement to guide this process.

"We'd like to send a very large thank you to everyone who took time to respond to our consultation.  We really appreciate the clearer - and yet very diverse - view this has given us of activities, passion, learnings and needs around the Transition movement.  Best wishes."

Nicola Hillary,
Transition Network.

A movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world



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