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Sustaining Dunbar

Dunbar and District 'What if? Network'
Community Learning Exchange event
Tuesday 15th December 2020

Sustaining Dunbar have collated the presentation and other links and information from this event into a page in Notion here.  This included a link to a summary of the interesting ideas of Norwegian economist and climate psychologist Per Espen Stoknes, and a video of one of his talks.



August 2020

Growing your own in Shetland - Transition Turriefield

Welcome to Transition Turriefield, we grow all sorts of fruit and vegetables. You will find us in Sandness, a small community on the very edge of the far west mainland of Shetland.

Here at Turriefield we are passionate about local food. We want as many folk as possible in Shetland to be able to access healthy, fresh, chemical free produce. Having a small carbon footprint for our produce is also important, so we use growing methods that have as little negative environmental impact as possible.

Turriefield Sandness Shetland  ZE2 9PL

01595 870272   turriefield@btinternet.com

website               Facebook


Transition Town Forres

This is an article contributed some years ago by TTF's then Treasurer and Company Secretary Carin Schwartz. Transition Town Forres .  We have tried to get this information updated but have had no response.

Information on the TTF website 'Partners' page about TBI is also seriously out of date, despite the fact that we have sent updated information and asked them to remove the page referring to Black Isle Community Energy, which was abandoned after an adverse local vote in 2015.

You can find out more about the activities of Transition Town Forres (which may not be up to date), by visiting their website at  https://ttforres.scot/


Transition University of St Andrews

Transition St Andrews came to our attention in October 2014 when Anne Thomas went to their two-day Transition Roadshow, which included a talk by Transition co-founder Rob Hopkins.  A quick look at their website shows them to be engaged in activities similar to some of TBI's, with bike maintenance classes in May, a report on one member's first experience of an electric car, and a whole section of the site devoted to re-using and re-economy, including training in repair skills.

Check out Transition St Andrews at  http://www.transitionsta.org .

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Sunday 25 September
NA      NOW FULLY BOOKED Highland Good Food Gathering
Monday 26 September
NA      Scotland's Climate Week to 2 October
Wednesday 28 September
09:00 Landworkers Alliance - Building better food systems
Thursday 29 September
09:00 Landworkers Alliance - Building better food systems
Friday 30 September
10:00 Trellis Green Health seminar and AGM
Saturday 1 October
10:00 Postponed MOO Food Harvest Festival
Sunday 2 October
14:00 Black Isle Food Festival CANCELLED
Wednesday 5 October
09:00 Cycling Scotland conference 2022

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We are part of the rapidly expanding worldwide Transition Towns movement. The Black Isle is a peninsula of about 100 sq miles ENE of Inverness in Scotland, UK.