Here are some resources we have enjoyed and hope you will too.  Don't forget to check out our useful blogs and web links pages as well -  especially the Transition Culture website.

TBI has an extensive and growing collection of material relevant to our aims.  We have deposited over 50 books with the public library service, most of the held at Fortrose.  Please click here for a list of them.


Recommended reading

Creating a Forest Garden: Working with nature to grow edible crops - Martin Crawfor

Food for Free - Richard Mabey

Peak Everything - Richard Heinberg

Prosperity without Growth - Tim Jackson

The Self Sufficient Gardener - John Seymour

Enough is Enough – Rob Dietz & Dan O’Neill

What Matters, Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth – Wendell Berry

Zero Carbon Britain – Rethinking the Future – Centre for Alternative Technology

Meat,  A Benign Extravagance – Simon Fairlie

Ethics for a Finite World – Herschel Elliott

Agenda for a New Economy. From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth – David C Korten

Supply Shock – Brian Czech

From time to time Transition Black Isle and its members produce guides to current topics.  For example:

A brief guide to the Renewable Heat Incentive (produced January 2012)

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