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Maggie has posted a new recipe as a comment/reply to her original recipe for nettle soup.

Recipe TitleAdded OnThe ChefReplies
Pilgrim Pumpkin Pie31 October 2020Anne Thomas0
BAKED BEANS, MACEDONIAN STYLE23 February 2020Lesley Robb0
SPICY SAUSAGE CASSEROLE23 February 2020Lesley Robb0
Sauerkraut Soup7 October 2019Lesley Robb0
Pickled peas and carrots1 August 2019Martin0
Easy No salt Sourdough5 May 2019Anne Thomas0
Grandma's chocolate fruit slices24 March 2019Lesley Robb0
Gooseberry Shortcake31 July 2018Anne Thomas0
Courgette, tomato and onion bake topped with cheese sauce.29 July 2018Lesley Robb0
ELDERFLOWER and STRAWBERRY CORDIAL from Lesley Robb4 July 2018Julie0
Steamed spinach cakes23 May 2018Julie0
Rhubarb and Orange jam23 May 2018Julie0
Green Soup23 February 2018Lesley Robb0
Parsnip and Coconut Cake22 January 2018Lesley Robb0
Orange Marmalade21 December 2017Lesley Robb0
Christmas Day without a turkey1 December 2017Anne Thomas0
Shredded Brussels and Bacon (Abel and Cole recipe)23 November 2017Julie0
Rick Stein's German Apple Cake28 October 2017Julie0
elderberry and apple13 October 2017Anne Thomas0
Melba Sauce23 July 2017Lesley Robb0
Strawberry Dream Icecream20 July 2017Lesley Robb0
Blackcurrant Mousse20 July 2017Lesley Robb0
Simple Summer Special - fresh lemonade20 July 2017petermoffatt1
Rhubarb souffle26 June 2017Julie0
Fishcakes Surprise18 May 2017Lesley Robb0
Kale (or green cabbage) with Leek18 May 2017Lesley Robb0
Rhubarb spice cake with lemon sauce25 April 2017Julie0
Curly Kale and Parsnip soup7 March 2017Peter Moffatt0
Spiced Parsnip and Apple Soup6 March 2017Lesley Robb0
Spiced beetroot and apple soup13 February 2017Julie0
Rachel's sausage casserole27 November 2016Julie0
Lesley's pickled runner beans and semi-dried tomatoes12 September 2016Julie0
Spinach cakes with parmesan27 August 2016Julie0
Broad bean and pea houmous29 July 2016Julie0
Easy Rhubarb Cake25 June 2016Julie0
Rachel's Simple Sauerkraut30 May 2016Julie1
Carrot and Leek Cobbler25 April 2016Julie0
KALE and FETA PIE26 February 2016Julie0
Spicy Parsnip, Potato and Leek soup26 February 2016Julie0
Beetroot risotto with goats cheese27 January 2016Julie0
Bitter Orange Drizzle Cake - Lesley Robb16 January 2016petermoffatt0
No salt multigrain Bread14 January 2016Anne Thomas0
Swede, Apple and Leek bake28 December 2015Julie1
Power Balls recipe30 November 2015Julie0
Sea Buckthorn Jam9 November 2015Martin0
Courgette soup7 August 2014Martin0
Ground Elder14 April 2014Anne Thomas0
Nettle soup27 April 2012maggie dove7
Winter salad28 October 2011maggie dove1
Peppers stuffed with chanterelles and smoked salmon24 July 2011Anne Thomas0
Elderflower cordial19 June 2011maggie dove2
Solomans Seal4 April 2011maggie dove4
An Introduction to Simple Home Cheese-making and Local Artisan Cheeses25 March 2011Caroline0
Laura's Winter Veg Cookery demo recipes26 February 2011Freya2
Leek and Mushroom starter9 December 2010Wendy map0
Somerset Apple Cake6 December 2010Anne Thomas0
Artichoke soup15 November 2010Martin0
Pickled Red Cabbage10 November 2010Freya0
Preserving demo recipes- Autumn apple, ederberry and plum fruit leathers10 November 2010Freya0
Preserving demo recipes- Dad's Pickled Damsons or Plums with a Christmas Twist10 November 2010Freya0
Preserving demo recipes- Winter Squash Chutney with 'what's in the garden' herbs and spices10 November 2010Freya0
Preserving demo recipes- Damson jam10 November 2010Freya0
pheasant stew21 October 2010tommy2
Elderberries18 October 2010maggie dove5
blackberry and apple jam11 October 2010maggie dove0
Bramble and apple sponge19 September 2010Teen0
Another super courgette recipe13 September 2010Michaela0
Gluts of Courgettes & Tomatoes13 September 2010Michaela0
Chinese style plum dipping sauce10 September 2010sheilawickens2
Apple Charlotte5 September 2010Teen0
Stuffed courgettes17 August 2010Teen0
Recipes - Read this for how to Add or Vote on Recipes17 August 2010Administrator0
Chilli broad bean casserole (Serves 5)16 August 2010Anne Thomas0
Chantarelles1 August 2010maggie dove1
Orechiette with Broccoli19 July 2010Teen0
Eat Fat Hen9 July 2010Penny3
Elderflower cordial9 July 2010maggie dove0
Mint Tea6 July 2010Anne Thomas0

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